Untouched nature and hilly wilderness that characterize Central Dinaric Alps is a paradise for nature lovers and adventures. The diversity of both landscapes and eco systems have created an amazing example of natural wonders.

Hiking and walking through hilly landscapes as well as experiences in mountainous areas, where people still live the traditional way of life, are unforgettable experiences. For example, by walking through beautiful mountains you can reach the afar village Lukomir, located on Bjelašnica, at 1,500 meters above the sea level.

Adrenaline sports

Lukomir is like a live ethno museum, in which the customs of the nomadic tribes are practiced and people live the traditional way of life of the Dinaric highlanders. It is an important part of the historical, cultural, architectural and ambient heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and ancient tombstones scattered around the village say that it was inhabited in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The village is unique due to stone houses covered with oak, fir and beech roof. The houses have a square base with a firebox in the middle, and there are small windows on the stonewalls.

Rafting and kayaking on some of the most challenging rivers in Europe is our specialty – and entertainment is guaranteed both for professionals and for beginners. The rivers Neretva, Drina, Vrbas, Una, Tara, Trebižat, Rakitnica offer a unique atmosphere of descent through crystal clear rivers and rafting through steep canyons that rise up to 500 meters in height.

These are breath-taking scenes, and all those who at least once feel this unique experience will be happy to return and again enjoy the unspoiled nature and drinking water.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a home for rivers and lakes suitable for world-class fishing and is a habitat for a rich population of bears, wolves, wild boar, eagles and roe deer suitable for observation. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 262 smaller or larger rivers have been registered, so it can rightly be said that B&H is the country of rivers.

Because of their purity, they are extremely rich in fish. Bosnia and Herzegovina owns a very large number of selected fishing spots that are the most attractive in Europe, which attracts nature lovers and those who enjoy fishing from all over the world.

When it comes to waters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the presence of numerous waterfalls that decorate BH landscape should be noted. Among the most beautiful and largest are the Štrbački buk, Martin Brod, the waterfalls of Pliva in Jajce, Kravice and Koćuša on the river Trebižat.

Via Dinarica

Among the highest waterfalls on the Balkan Peninsula are the Studeni stream cascades that climb from a height of 400 meters to the canyon of the Rakitnica River. This canyon is the most inaccessible in Southeast Europe and yet unexplored completely.

If you want more adrenaline, try hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, alpinism … All of these are adrenaline sports that you can experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is part of the Via Dinarica concept that connects seven countries and territories through which the mountain chain Dinaric Alps extends, from Slovenia to northern Albania.

Via Dinarica attracted the attention of the magazine National Geographic, which included mountain biking in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012 among the top 10 global programs for adventure tourism. On the other hand, the American adventurous magazine Outside, recognized Via Dinarica route as the best new mountain route for 2014. Nature in Bosnia and Herzegovina is truly enchanting and much is not explored.